About - CSMcClelland

God has written a story in the world and in your life.  

Chris & Nicole McClelland want to help tell that story.  Born in Ohio in the 80s Chris has always enjoyed photographs. At an early age he would sit and look at the pictures of his grandmother's National Geographic magazine collection.  A few years later he began to borrow his parents' film camera to snap photos of his own, and then eagerly await the day the postman would deliver the prints (it took several weeks back then).

Chris received his first digital camera as a college graduation present in 2002 and he's been hooked ever since.  After four years of marriage Nicole wisely encouraged Chris to purchase his first serious camera.  Recently his portfolio has progressed quickly.  He has been blessed to be able to photograph in Bulgaria, China, Cameroon, Puerto Rico, Jordan, and Israel as well as many locations throughout the United States.  Nicole has become a solid photographer in her own right and has become a huge part of their team. After learning from Chris she has begun to create her own style and even shoots solo on occasion.  

Today you can find Chris & Nicole shooting around Ohio and wherever God takes them next. Wherever they go, they will be inviting people to join them in living a compelling life.

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