India Human Trafficking Day 3: Change Agents - Chris & Nicole McClelland
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Aruna Project Founder

Aruna Project Founder

Ryan Berg and his wife April founded the Aruna Project to free, empower, and employee victims of human trafficking in Mumbai.

The Aruna Project was founded by Ryan & April Berg.  After numerous visits to Mumbai they were struck with the need to help the women and girls being trafficked in the red light areas of the city.  

The aims of the Aruna Project are to Free, Empower, and Employ.  This January they celebrated 1 year of employing women in the business in Mumbai.  Their team of staff has grown steadily over those 12 months and now they have 14 artisans working in their production unit.  They have a desire to have a total of 35 by the end of 2016.  Each artisan is a woman freed from bondage and empowered to have a bright future.  In fact the name Aruna means "bright morning sun" in Hindi. 

The artisans at Aruna Project are part of an international business.  They produce high quality bags that are enjoyed by customers in the U.S.  This keeps these artisans free and empowered.  

This was my and Nicole's second day with the artisans at the production unit.  They're getting more comfortable with us.  In addition to getting some more photographs and videos of them at work I was also able to sample some of their traditional Indian lunches.  Tasty! 

Nicole and I were also able to walk around the neighborhood and meet some of the locals who were not exactly camera shy...

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