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What is a Legacy Video?

Imagine watching a video of your grandfather telling stories from his childhood.  Or a video of your mother saying why she loves you, and your dad saying he’s proud of you.  Legacy videos are intended for families who have a loved one approaching the golden years.  The videos are meant to preserve priceless memories for generations.  When filming a Legacy Video we build a relationship of trust and love, ask great questions, and use professional equipment to record each spoken word and felt emotion.  To enhance the experience we thoughtfully edit the video into two versions: a long video that includes the full interview and a second, shorter version that focuses on the highlights and main points.  We can think of no better way to preserve the memories of a loved one.  A Legacy Video is one of the best gifts you can give a family member, and yourself.  Please message us to book a Legacy Video for your loved one.

Pud's Legacy Video Highlights

Legacy Excerpt: Bryan & Ruth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legacy Video? 

It's a treasured video featuring an interview of you or a loved one.  A Legacy Video is a priceless gift for your family.

Why are Legacy Videos important?

A Legacy Video captures the story of your life for generations to come.  It leads to valuable conversations between you and your loved ones. 

How does it work

We (Chris & Nicole) will schedule an appointment to come to your house and set up our video equipment.  Then, during a sixty minute Nicole will ask great questions to get you talking about the most important parts of your life.  Afterward you can share up to 20 photos with us to use in the video (please have them in digital form).  We'll take several weeks to edit the video into two forms.  A 5 minute highlight video of all the most significant pieces of your interview, and a longer version that includes all of your responses from the interview.

Where do you film The Legacy Videos?

We come to you!  We'll help you find a well-lit, quiet spot in your home.  Typically we like to be near a large window for natural lighting.

What kind of questions do you ask during the interview? 

Here are a few examples: "Tell us a favorite memory from your childhood."   "How did you meet your spouse?"  "What do you want to say about your children?"  "As you think of the end of your life what thoughts do you have?" "Do you have any words of wisdom for your kids and grandkids?"

Can I see the questions ahead of time?

Absolutely!  We want you to feel as prepared and comfortable as possible.

What if I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera? 

So are we! While you may feel intimidated by the cameras initially we find that everyone relaxes after a few minutes.  Nicole is very down to earth and will put you at ease.  The cameras are small and non obtrusive.  Plus, they are situated off to the side so you're not even looking at them.  You'll be seated across from Nicole and will be chatting with her the whole time.  You'll likely forget you're even being recorded, but even if you don't forget about the cameras we promise you that the experience will be pleasant and worthwhile.

How much does it cost? 

Our discounted Fall 2019 pricing for a standard Legacy Video is $500.  The cost reflects the time intensive nature of the project.  It takes about 30 hours of work to produce one Legacy Video!  We think you'll agree that a Legacy Video is a worthwhile investment  for you and your loved ones.

How do I schedule a Legacy Video? 

Please click the button below to get in touch with us.

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